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Welcome to East and Clark Photography, where technology meets passion and innovation drives us. We, Javan and Kayla Clark, are a dynamic husband and wife team, operating our business in the vibrant community of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

With a shared love for cutting-edge technology, our journey into the world of photography and digital twins was fueled by a desire to explore and harness the potential of emerging tech trends. Javan, a retired police officer, and I, a former Realtor, found common ground in our fascination for the latest advancements in the field of photography and virtual experiences.

Being avid learners and tech enthusiasts, we constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve, embracing new techniques and tools to elevate our craft. Our passion for technology, combined with our artistic flair, has led us to specialize in our field.

East and Clark Photography is not just about capturing moments but about creating immersive and interactive experiences for clients. With our expertise in Matterport technology, we're redefining how properties get showcased, offering clients a distinct advantage in a competitive marketplace.

At East and Clark Photography, our mission is to provide outstanding service while fostering a culture of continuous learning. Our backgrounds in law enforcement, the military, and real estate offer a unique lens through which we perceive and address the expectations of our clientele.

From envisioning the possibilities of technology to delivering exceptional results, Javan and I bring dedication, professionalism, and a warm personal touch to every project we undertake. So, whether you are a real estate agent, a small business owner, or part of a government agency, trust East and Clark Photography to embrace technology, foster creativity, and bring your vision to life.

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