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Residential Real Estate

  • Make showings easy! Allow your potential clients to view the house for themselves, long winded explanations are a thing of the past! Perfect for showing out of state or international buyers and investors properties without travel expenses.

  • Use our technology to show off your brand! Share the revolutionary 3D tours and revel in the attention it will bring your company, all while simply showing a house.

  • Stand out in the real estate market as someone who goes above and beyond plain listings, and utilizes all the new technologies to get results.

  • Automatically generate digital blueprints with measurements built in.

Commercial Real Estate

  • No need to disturb current clients to show your listings.

  • In commercial real estate time is money. Allow possible clients to better see the potential of your property by digitally walking inside and seeing from all viewpoints, no matter where they are or how busy their schedule.

Small Business / Retail

  • Are you a proud entrepreneur who spent countless hours perfecting your brand? We can help you show it off to the world and get people excited about not just your product, but also your company.

  • Perfect for those with businesses in locations that have to be seen to be believed.

Apartments / Rental Companies

  • After the initial scan of all available layouts, relisting is as easy as advertising your original tour, no need for repeat scans.

  • Allow showings of currently occupied units without disturbing current tenants.

  • Shorten turnaround times and get units reserved the instant they become available!

  • Incorporate Virtual Reality in your office for an even bigger impact.

  • Show off all of your amenities and facilities in all their glory!

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Vacation Rentals / Hotels

  • Speed up the decision making process - Most guests conduct a huge amount of research online before they make a booking decision. Matterport 3D walkthroughs give groups, families and solo travelers the most realistic and engaging experience of your vacation rental, enabling them to book quickly and with confidence.

  • Increase approval rate and reduce negative reviews by accurately representing your business and eliminating false expectations.

Security Companies

  • Create detailed and true to scale 3D spaces to aid in many types of security training.

  • Pair up some Virtual Reality goggles and run scenarios specific to your company’s needs.

  • Shorten training time of new security officers by allowing them to experience specific training areas without having to disturb the public.

Architecture / Engineering / Construction

  • Streamline your workflows.

  • Create engaging content for stakeholders to keep them involved.

  • Document every stage of the project to later be shown off or catalogued.

  • Take measurements from any angle, import into CAD software, record and annotate construction milestones.

  • Automatically generate digital blueprints with measurements built in.

Insurance Adjusting

  • Extremely detailed documentation of properties both before and after a loss.

  • Take accurate measurements even in areas hard to access with tape measure.

  • Capture still images from the scan directly, no need to return to the property.

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Have a business you think we missed that can take advantage of what a 3D scan has to offer? Drop us a line and we can work together to expand our services and your business. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to use this technology.

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