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Pricing and Booking


Here at East & Clark, we like to think outside the box. We believe that in order to really stay ahead of the curve you have to constantly be searching for new and better ways to reach clients and "wow" people. Matterport 3D scans do exactly that. We are able to walk into any building and through a series of very meticulous scans produce a single file with the entire property on it. No, we aren't taking 1,000 photos and meshing them together, it is one seamless scan that allows you to traverse the property in ways you have only imagined. 

Once completed, you will be able to walk through your entire property and play a custom created walk through special to only that scan. The scan also includes something called a "dollhouse" view that lets you zoom all the way out and view the property like you never have before. I encourage you to look at some of our scans to see how amazing it really is.

We also provide 360 degree photos, tagging of special features you want to stand out (with floating descriptions), and a full year of hosting completely free. Should you want us to continue hosting your property past a year, we are happy to do that for only $20 a year. 

Book a scan above if you are ready to stand out, otherwise feel free to call or email us with any questions.



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